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Level Access Showers
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Level Access Showers
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Level Access Showers

Looking For A Level Access Shower?

Solent Bathrooms specialises in the installation of level access showers in bathrooms (they are sometimes referred to as wet rooms). Young or old, we have cost effective designs and solution that will enhance your home.  You can view an information article below that details if a level access shower is a good option. Alternatively, visit our home page for more information and details on how to receive a free no obligation quote.

Level Access Shower - Example
Level Access Shower - Example

Level Access Showers - Article

Is A Level Access Shower A Good Option?

Yes, a level access shower is often considered a good option for accessible bathrooms, particularly for individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities. Here's why:



A level access shower features a flush or low threshold, allowing for easy entry and exit without the need to step over a raised barrier. This makes it highly accessible for individuals with mobility impairments, including those who use wheelchairs or walkers.



The absence of a step or raised threshold reduces the risk of trips and falls, making level access showers safer for users, especially those with balance issues or limited mobility.


Ease of Use:

Level access showers are easy to use for individuals of all ages and mobility levels. There are no barriers to navigate when entering or exiting the shower, promoting independence and reducing the need for assistance.


Wheelchair Accessibility:

The level floor design of these showers allows for seamless wheelchair access, enabling individuals to roll directly into the shower area without encountering obstacles.


Universal Design:

Level access showers exemplify the principles of universal design, which aim to create spaces that are usable by people of all abilities and ages. They provide a functional and inclusive bathing solution for everyone in the household.



In addition to their practical benefits, level access showers can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. They offer a sleek and modern look, and their seamless design can contribute to a more spacious and open feel in the bathroom.


Customisation Options:

Level access showers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to suit different bathroom layouts and preferences. They can be customised with features such as built-in seating, grab bars, and handheld showerheads to meet specific needs.


Overall, a level access shower is a practical, safe, and user-friendly option for accessible bathrooms, providing individuals with mobility challenges the freedom to shower independently and comfortably.

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