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Southampton, Hampshire, Solent, UK


Step into a world of elegance, functionality, and innovative design as we present a collection of meticulously crafted spaces that redefine the art of bathing. From sleek and modern to timeless and luxurious, each bathroom reflects our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Join us on a visual journey through a diverse array of styles, materials, and layouts, all expertly curated to inspire your own bathroom renovation or design dreams. Whether you seek tranquility in a spa-like retreat or crave the convenience of a highly functional space, our gallery is sure to ignite your imagination and awaken your sense of possibility. Explore the possibilities, envision the possibilities, and let these stunning installations serve as your inspiration for creating the bathroom of your dreams. Welcome to the world of extraordinary bathing experiences.


We Design, Supply & Install Exquisite Bathrooms To Suit Your Requirements & Design

Contact our team today if you would like to discuss a new bathroom, we are based from Southampton in Hampshire and cover the entire Solent region.  We have offered our services for many years and have a huge amount of experience and design expertise.  You can be assured that your bathroom renovation is in safe hands.

We utilise a simple 5 step process to deliver our bathroom installations, follow the link below for more information.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Professional, Efficient & Courteous

From start to finish, our experience with the bathroom installation provided by Solent Bathrooms was outstanding. The team was professional, efficient, and courteous throughout the entire process. They listened attentively to our needs and preferences, offering valuable suggestions and insights along the way.

What Are The Key Elements To Consider When Installing A Bathroom?

  • Space: Ensure adequate space for comfortable movement and functionality.

  • Layout: Optimise the layout for efficiency and accessibility.

  • Plumbing: Plan plumbing fixtures and connections carefully for proper functioning.

  • Ventilation: Install proper ventilation to prevent moisture build-up and mould growth.

  • Lighting: Choose appropriate lighting for visibility and ambiance.

  • Flooring: Select durable and water-resistant flooring materials.

  • Wall Finishes: Use moisture-resistant materials for walls to prevent damage.

  • Waterproofing: Apply waterproofing materials in wet areas to protect against leaks.

  • Accessibility: Design the bathroom to be accessible for users of all ages and abilities.

  • Storage: Include sufficient storage space for toiletries and cleaning supplies.

  • Safety: Install safety features like grab bars and non-slip surfaces to prevent accidents.

  • Aesthetics: Choose cohesive design elements for a pleasing appearance.

  • Budget: Stay within budget by prioritising essential features and materials.

  • Energy Efficiency: Opt for energy-efficient fixtures and appliances to reduce utility costs.

  • Durability: Select durable materials and fixtures that can withstand daily use.

  • Maintenance: Choose low-maintenance materials and finishes for easier upkeep.

  • Accessibility To Utilities: Ensure easy access to plumbing and electrical connections for maintenance and repairs.

  • Water Pressure: Install fixtures that provide adequate water pressure for a satisfying shower experience.

  • Privacy: Consider privacy when positioning windows and designing layout for personal comfort.

  • Regulations & Codes: Adhere to building codes and regulations for safety and compliance.


Solent Bathrooms is able to provide help and guidance for all the above.  You can be assured that your bathroom will meet your requirements irrespective of any requirements you may have.

Looking For Some Inspiration?

A great way to get inspiration and assess your options is to explore some of the websites and brochures from the leading manufacturers of bathroom products.  Follow one of the links below to open up a world of possibilities:

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