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Bathroom Installation
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Bathroom Installation
Southampton, Hampshire, Solent, UK

Bathroom Installation

Looking For A Bathroom Installation?

Solent Bathrooms based in Southampton, Hampshire specialises in bathroom installations (both standard and adapted).  Young or old, we have cost effective designs and solution that will enhance your home.  You can view an information article below that details the key stages of a bathroom installation. Alternatively, visit our home page for more information and details on how to receive a free no obligation quote.

Bathroom Installation - Southampton, Hampshire
Bathroom Installation - Example

Bathroom Installation - Article

What's Are The Key Stages Of A Bathroom Installation?

A bathroom installation involves several key steps, typically including:


Planning & Design:

This step involves deciding on the layout of the bathroom, choosing fixtures (such as sink, toilet, bathtub or shower), selecting materials (like tiles, flooring, and countertops), and creating a budget.


Demolition & Preparation:

If you're renovating an existing bathroom, this step involves removing old fixtures, flooring, and walls as necessary. The space may need to be prepared for plumbing and electrical work.


Plumbing & Electrical Work:

Plumbing and electrical systems may need to be installed or updated to accommodate the new fixtures and features in your bathroom. This includes installing pipes, drains, faucets, showerheads, lighting, switches, and outlets.


Wall & Floor Installation:

Once the plumbing and electrical work are completed, the walls and floors are typically installed. This may involve putting up drywall, laying tiles, or installing other types of wall and floor coverings.


Fixture Installation:

After the walls and floors are in place, fixtures such as the sink, toilet, bathtub, shower, and any other accessories are installed. This includes connecting them to the plumbing and ensuring they are properly sealed and functional.


Finishing Touches:

Once the major components are installed, finishing touches are added, such as trim, paint, grout, and caulk. This step also involves installing any additional features like mirrors, shelves, towel racks, and other accessories.


Final Inspection & Clean-up:

After everything is installed, the bathroom undergoes a final inspection to ensure everything meets building codes and standards. Any necessary adjustments or fixes are made, and then the space is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for use.


Throughout the process, it's important to work with qualified professionals, such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and contractors, to ensure that the installation is done safely, efficiently, and up to code.

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